Efflorisn't 1 Gallon Concentrate (Mix 1 Gallon Water To Each Gallon Single Clean) - Ready To Use (1 Gallon)

Single Clean 1 Gallon Size (Arrives Ready To Use)

Efflorisn't 1 Gallon Size (Arrives Ready To Use)

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Clean Efflorescence Off Concrete & Brick Surfaces With Our Easy-To-Use Product!

Clean Efflorescence Off Concrete & Brick Surfaces With Our Easy-To-Use Efflorisn’t!

Will Clean Approximately 300 Square Feet Depending On The Porosity Of The Surface To Be Cleaned

Basic Application:

  • Do not apply Efflorisn’t if ambient temperature is below 28 degrees F.
  • Use wire brush to remove heavy efflorescence, dirt or debris from the surface of the area to be treated. This will ensure maximum penetration of the Efflorisn’t into the pores.
  • Apply Efflorisn’t using a pump-up garden sprayer or an airless sprayer at low pressure. Spray area which shows signs of efflorescence thoroughly, using enough liquid to make the surface appear damp yet not causing "dripping" or "run-off". Wipe off excess to ensure even coverage.
Efflorescence Cleaner (Efflorisn't)

1 Gallon

  • Depending on the type and amount of efflorescence present, allow Efflorisn’t to soak for up to an hour then clean with a hard bristled brush. Repeat Step 3 if needed.
  • Rinse using a constant water source (hose, power washer, etc.), liberally spraying down the area where Efflorisn’t was applied.
  • Efflorisn’t is designed to pull the efflorescence out of the pores to the surface where it can be rinsed away. Once you have removed the visible efflorescence, seal the surface with Concrete Treat to prevent the efflorescence from returning.

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*Note: When applying Efflorisn’t do not allow solution to get on glass or aluminum. Etching and discoloration may occur. If Efflorisn't does come in accidental contact with any materials other than those intended, flush the area immediately with water to minimize potentially irreversible damage.

Contributing Factors to Efflorisn’t Performance:

  • Density of Material
  • Ambient Temperature / Weather Conditions
  • Moisture Content of Material
  • Amount / Type of Efflorescence Present
  • Source of Efflorescence
  • Previous Treatments (e.g. Sealants) Applied to Surface
  • Age of Material

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