Sealing Pavers With Concrete Treat™

Sealing Pavers With Concrete Treat™

Maintain The Beauty Of Your Concrete Pavers With Our Easy-To-Use Sealer!

Your concrete pavers are key to the street appeal of your property, as well as being a major factor in how attractive the landscaping is overall. With just a little maintenance, you can keep your pavers looking great, while prolonging their usable life by years.

Why Seal Concrete Pavers?

When concrete pavers are unsealed, they're vulnerable to damage from water, dirt, weeds, algae, discoloration, stains, and mildew. Specifically:

  • During cold weather, moisture can seep into the surface of the pavers, freezing there. As this freezing water expands, it can cause the surface of the pavers to "pop" off. This is known as spalling.
  • Water penetration in concrete can also bring particles of dirt and debris into the concrete, where it collects and creates a habitat for algae, mold, weeds, and other growths.
  • Moisture penetration can cause the pigmentation that colors concrete pavers to fade over time.

Sealing concrete pavers may also help in scenarios where oil, grease, and other liquids are spilled on he surface, as the sealant will prevent liquids from soaking deep into the pores. It will also help in ice removal for the same reasons.

Issues With Unsealed Pavers

Faux brick pavers showing efflorescence marking on surface

Efflorescence Moisture penetration can lead to a powdery buildup.

Wet pavers with water damage, erosion, and efflorescence

Moisture Issues Moisture brings particles that support algae and fungal growth.

Rust stains on concrete steps and pavers

Algae & Stains Water leaves dirt and other deposits that stain and grow algae, and mold.

Fading color on concrete pavers

Fading Color Moisture infiltration contributes to drab, faded-looking pavers.

Seal Your Concrete Pavers With Concrete Treat™!

Sealing pavers has never been easier than it is with Concrete Treat! Our product offers you a safe, easy-to-use, long-lasting solution for DIYs and contractors to effectively seal concrete pavers, helping to protect them from spalling, chipping, fungal growth, algae, efflorescence, discoloration, home de-icer damage, and more!

Concrete Treat works by penetrating deep into the pores within the concrete pavers, where it reacts with the concrete to create a glasslike silicate barrier. This barrier allows the surface to breathe, while repelling water and forming mercury-like beads on the surface. Concrete Treat is safe, non-toxic, and may be applied to pavers that are still wet with moisture. Applied with a brush, roller, or airless sprayer, it can dry in as little as 20 minutes, protecting your surfaces for years to come.

Advantages Of Concrete Treat:

  • Safe & easy for anyone to use
  • Dries in as little as 20 minutes, depending on weather conditions
  • Can be applied to dry and/or damp concrete pavers
Concrete sealer product logo for sealing pavers
  • May be used in below-freezing temperatures of 28°F and rising
  • Inorganic, non-toxic, latex-free design will not support mold or algae growth
  • Treated surface may be coated over
  • Can make removal of stains & ice easier
  • Will not change appearance of pavers or make slippery
  • Does not yellow or discolor under UV rays
  • Available in a single sealed form for ease of transport & to lower shipping costs

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Customer Testimonials:

"The application process was simple - more simple than any other concrete sealer I have ever tried. The dry time was about 30 minutes in 76 degree (F) weather and about an hour in 65 degrees. We had foot traffic in 2 hours and rain in 18 but the sealant held up and is still holding strong!

Unlike other sealants, it does not make the surface slippery when wet, so we confidently applied to every stair tread in the complex.

-- Kevin Phair, Sunridge Terrace Maintenance

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