Testimonials from our valuable clients

Crestwood Apartments, West Haven CTCrestwood Apartments, West Haven CT
Loraine, owner of Crestwood Apartments, has been using Concrete Treat for the past four years. Her main objective is to protect new carpeting that will be installed replacing the damp, moldy carpets on the first floor units of each building.

Matt Menke, Menke Bros, ConstuctionMatt Menke, Menke Bros, Constuction
This product will enhance your outcome. We have used Concrete Treat for over four years. We've sprayed Concrete Treat on hundreds of thousands of square feet of steel-troweled concrete that was poured between December and February in Ohio.

Kevin Phair, -- Sunridge Terrace MaintenanceKevin Phair, -- Sunridge Terrace Maintenance
I am blown away by the effectiveness of Concrete Treat. We applied this product to every breezeway, walkway, and staircase in a brand-new 216-unit apartment complex in Happy Valley, OR.

 Contractor, -- Michigan Contractor, -- Michigan
All of my questions have been addressed by David. I took his advice on finishing the concrete patch work, and, so far, so good.

Amelia L., -- New MexicoAmelia L., -- New Mexico
Your product is everything it is portrayed to be. It went on easily with a garden sprayer, sealed the entire floor to the point that water moved like beads of mercury. Amazing.

Foreman, -- Mystic FoundationsForeman, -- Mystic Foundations
I can treat as soon as concrete is placed.

Laborer, -- Washington StoneLaborer, -- Washington Stone
I love this stuff!

Owner, Mark IV ConstructionOwner, Mark IV Construction
The results were quite remarkable!

Controller, Coyote ConcreteController, Coyote Concrete
It makes perfect sense. No more wasted time installing and retrieving blankets.

Dmitri K.Dmitri K.
I love this sealer!

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