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Evaluation Subject:

Concrete Treat is a fluid-applied, one-coat liquid silicate coating intended for use as a dampproofing membrane. Concrete Treat is water-based and contains no petroleum distillates or volatile organic compounds (VOC).

The dampproofing is spray applied to the vertical surfaces of below-grade foundation walls of either parged or nonparged masonry or concrete construction.

Reissued August 1, 2007

Conditions Of Use:

This report is limited to the applications and products as stated in this report. The ICC-ES Subcommittee on National Codes Intends that the report be used buy the code official to determine that the report subject complies with the code requirements specifically addressed, provided that this product is applied in accordance with the following conditions:

- Concrete Treat will be applied in accordance with the manufacturer's published application instructions, and this report. When the manufacturer's published application instructions differ from this report, this report shall be null and void.

- Surfaces of the foundation walls to be dampproofed shall be clean, dry, and free of mortar, sand, soil, and water. Joints and penetrations of the walls to which Concrete Treat dampproofing is to be applied shall be made watertight in accordance with Section 1813.4.3 of the BOCA® National Building Code/1999.

- Voids in mortar, joints, tie holes, and honeycombed areas in the foundation wall shall be filled with an approved material. Where non-shrinking grout is used for filling voids, the grout shall be allowed to cure before proceeding with the membrane application.

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- The effects of UV exposure on Concrete Treat is outside the scope of this report.

- The membrane shall be allowed to cure for a minimum of 24 hours after application prior to backfilling.

- This report is limited to evaluation of Concrete Treat applied at minimum dry film thickness of 0.0005 inch (0.01mm).

- The ambient temperature at time of application shall be between 28 F to 100 degrees F (-2 degrees C to 38 degrees C). Concrete Treat's penetrating concrete sealer shall not be applied to wet substrates covered with frost, ice, or snow.

- Concrete Treat penetrating concrete sealer shall not be applied over asphalt or tar-based products.

- Concrete Treat shall be applied with a coverage rate of 150 to 300 square feet per gallon, depending on the porosity of the receiving surface. Refer to the manufacturer's application instructions for the appropriate coverage rates for cast-in-place concrete, and concrete masonry unit (parged and unparged) construction.

- Application of Concrete Treat to uncured ("green") concrete is outside the scope of this report.

This report is subject to periodic reexamination. For information on the current status of this report, contact the ICC-ES.

Items Requiring Verification:

The following items are related to the use of the report subject, but not within the scope of this evaluation. However, these items are related to the determination of code compliance:

- Placement of backfill, site grading and erosion protection, with respect to the foundation wall dampproofing shall be in accordance with the requirements of Sections 1813.6, 1813.7, and 1813.8 of the BOCA® National Building Code/1999.

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