US Testing Company, Inc. Water Vapor Transmission

Testing Concrete Treat For Permeance & Water Vapor Transmission

Report No.: EN94-0162.1
Revised: 8/11/94
Revision of: CM93-0131.1R
Issued: 10/25/93

Subject: Water Vapor Transmisson Test.

Material Evaluated:

Concrete Treat: Concrete Blanket and Sealer

Test Procedure:

This material was tested for permanence in accordance with ASTM E 96 (Dry Desiccant Method).


Specimen Water Vapor Tramsmission
1 < 0.04 < 0.102
2 < 0.04 < 0.102
Average < 0.04 < 0.102
Material Thickness 0.85
Average Test Temperature 72
Relative Humidity 51

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Tested By:
David A. Trezza, Engineer
Robert C. Smith, M. Sc., P.E. - Tulsa Branch Manager

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