US Testing Company, Inc. Freeze/Thaw Test

Testing Results On Concrete Treat For Below-Freezing Temperatures

Report No.: EN94-0162.10
Revised: 9/11/94
Original Issue: EN930197R
ISSUED: 1/17/94

Subject: Freeze/Thaw Test.

Material Evaluated:

A sample of Penetrating concrete sealerwas received on 11/18/93. The material came in a metal can and had the consistency of water.

Test Procedure:

This material was tested in accordance with ASTM C672.

- Test Specimen:

The concrete was cut into the correct sizes required by the Standard. After the specimens were cut, the sealer was applied and allowed to cure for several days before the tests were begun.

- Conduct of the Test:

1. The sealer was applied with a brush.
2. Freeze/Thaw - ASTM C672 - Only 30 cycles were performed.

Summary Of Results:

1. Freeze/Thaw (ASTM C672), 30 cycles

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15 OK
20 Very Slight Scaling
25 Very Slight Scaling
30 Very Slight Scaling

Observations And Comments:

Scaling started on day 20. The sealer was rated on a scale of 0-5, with 0 being no scaling, 5 being severe scaling (coarse aggregate visible over the entire surface). The depth of the scaling on the rest panel was 1/16 inch. This is in the scale range of 0-1 because 1 allows scaling up to 1/8 of an inch. Therefore, a rating of 1 was selected for the test panels.


1. The sealer was rated 1, on a scale of 0-5, for the Freeze/Thaw test. 0 being no scaling, 5 being severe scaling (coarse aggregate visible over entire surface)

Tested By:
David A. Trezza, Engineer
Robert C. Smith, M. Sc., P.E. - Tulsa Branch Manager

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