Testimonial from Matt Menke, Menke Bros, Constuction

Dear PPK, Inc.

This product will enhance your outcome. We have used Concrete Treat for over four years. We've sprayed Concrete Treat on hundreds of thousands of square feet of steel-troweled concrete that was poured between December and February in Ohio.

One project (our first experience with Concrete Treat) was a 10,000 square-foot steel -troweled floor, and we poured it in late December. Due to permit issues, the building was not erected until two months after the slab was poured. We sprayed Concrete Treat on it and never put insulating blankets on it. The average temperature was 28 degrees Fahrenheit during that time period and there was no spalling or popping on the entire slab.

It has been over four years since, and the slab looks as good as it did the day we poured it. Our insulated concrete blankets are now a thing of the past. We use Concrete Treat to protect all our flatwork from the unpredictable Ohio winters. What I have seen Concrete Treat do is impressive!

Matt Menke, -- Menke Bros, Constuction