Testimonial from Loraine, owner of Crestwood Apartments

Loraine, owner of Crestwood Apartments, has been using Concrete Treat for the past four years. Her main objective is to protect new carpeting that will be installed replacing the damp, moldy carpets on the first floor units of each building. Once the old carpet is removed, Loraine's staff thoroughly cleans any mold or debris left behind on the concrete surface. Loraine and her staff then seal the concrete with Concrete Treat - a water based penetrating concrete sealer. Loraine's experience has been that any new carpeting that has been installed over the Concrete Treat has been protected from moisture wicking up through the concrete slab. Loraine said she will never replace carpeting on the ground floor without protecting the new carpet with Concrete Treat!

Loraine, -- Owner, Crestwood Apartments