Testing Information & SDS's For PPK, Inc. Products

Material & Safety Data Sheets For Each Of Our Building Supply Products

At PPK, Inc., we're proud of each of our product, and value transparency in what we offer our customers. To this end, we've made each of our SDS and Specification Sheets available right from our website for your convenience.

Available Product Information

We will continue to update this list regularly, as our product line expands. In the meantime, if you have a question about any of our products, we invite you to call us at 855-906-5851 any time, or contact us online.

If you'd like to order any of our products online, please feel free to visit our online store, where each of our building supplies can be found!

More Information About Our Products

Concrete Treat

With dozens of possible applications for new construction, repairs, and upgrades for concrete that's both cured and newly placed, Concrete Treat™ is our most versatile and popular product.

Colorless, odorless, and non-toxic, it's able able to be applied during below freezing temperatures as low as 28°F and rising with a sprayer, roller, brush, or other applicator.

Learn more about our Concrete Sealer


Cleaning efflorescence off of surfaces has never been easier! Unlike other products, Efflorisn't™ removes efflorescence that's above and below the surface level - clearing the pores for sealing.

This easy-to-use product sprays on easily, requiring minimal scrubbing, and restoring the appearance of cementitious materials affected by efflorescence.

Learn more about our Efflorescence Remover

Brick Treat

Applying our product to your brick surfaces is an investment in long-lasting protection against efflorescence, spalling, mold, and other damages

Brick Treat Brick Sealer

Able to be applied with a roller, brush, sprayer, or any other applicator, the product can dry in as little as 20 minutes, in temperatures as low as 28°F and rising -- warranted!

Learn more about our Brick Sealer

Stucco Treat

Moisture penetration wreaks havoc on Stucco -- leading cracks, discoloration, and structural damage of various forms. Stucco Treat™ is the answer!

Safe and easy to apply, this product seals out moisture, keeping your material free of moisture and looking great Easy to use and fast-drying, it protects your surfaces for years to come!

Learn more about our Stucco Sealer

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Customer Testimonials:

"The application process was simple - more simple than any other concrete sealer I have ever tried. The dry time was about 30 minutes in 76 degree (F) weather and about an hour in 65 degrees. We had foot traffic in 2 hours and rain in 18 but the sealant held up and is still holding strong!

Unlike other sealants, it does not make the surface slippery when wet, so we confidently applied to every stair tread in the complex.

-- Kevin Phair, Sunridge Terrace Maintenance

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