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Our Beginnings...

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Like many innovative solutions, ConcreteTreat’s advantage over and above other concrete sealers came about by accident!!!

Back in 2008 a foundation contractor called me with a story about using a certain concrete sealer on the positive and negative sides of the walls as well as the floor for all his foundations. In cold weather he also used curing blankets in addition to the sealer to cover and protect the floor. He told me that his men fessed up to him that they had not blanketed a floor two weeks prior when the weather was hovering just above and below freezing. It had been cold for days and it had snowed and rained during that two week period. He had no choice but to go see how badly the floor had been damaged by the weather, and determine how much of the floor he’d need to replace. To his amazement, there was no spalling of the concrete , and no cracking of the concrete to be found. He then poured a few slabs at his facility, and tested using blankets on some, just the sealer on some, and no protection on others. The only damaged concrete was the unprotected.

He called and asked, because I knew the manufacturer, if I could get them to private label it for him. He wanted to use it himself and sell it to other contractors in the areas he serviced.

I was able to set up an agreement with the manufacturer to be the exclusive distributor to sell the product as an alternative to cold weather concrete blanketing both here in the U.S and internationally as well.

We set up and tested the product ourselves, and with the same results. We decided to test the market and we set up a web site. We featured the obvious benefit of the sealer and built many pages on the site showing just how the sealer performed in all areas that concrete sealers are used for.

Before long we were making sales to contractors, concrete product manufacturers, (a concrete step manufacturer as example) DIYI ers, and distributors who are reselling the sealer to their customers.

We have a distributor who covers twelve states in marketing other related products and they use the sealer on their own projects. They have many large customers, and currently sell to some of the Big Box stores. Because of their relationship with these stores, they brought the product to them, and explained how effective and unique the sealer is. Because of their current relationship, these stores were interested but asked for proof of what they were claiming so they would have confidence in the sealer if they decide to offer it.

Current Happenings...

We all decided to go for it, and just recently we had an independent laboratory perform cold weather testing. They tested our sealer by placing a concrete slab with our sealer on it, and a slab with no protection in their test chamber and fluctuated the temperature from –20 degrees to + 40 degrees testing the freeze thaw cycle for twenty days. They then sent a core sample of the sealed concrete to another lab that performed a petro graphic test on the core.

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This test looks at razor thin samples of the core to determine how the concrete would perform under these extreme conditions. The result is that our sealer performed extremely well in protecting the concrete under these extreme conditions. We now have the evidence that we have a unique product that would allow cold weather placement of concrete without all the costs involved in blanketing concrete (loading the blankets on a truck, hauling them to the jobsite, unloading, unfolding, placing and staking the blankets so they don’t blow off of the surface, waiting a few days to go back to the jobsite and then reversing these steps) while at the same time, our sealer does perform all of the other applications that a concrete sealer should provide.

We have also developed a few other products along our journey. We offer sealers for Brick and Stucco that will provide the same protection against moisture.

Future Developments...

We have another unique product that will rid any of these surfaces of efflorescence, that white powder that appears on the surface, which is caused by moisture wicking through the concrete in these building materials to the surface. This cleaner is simply sprayed on the efflorescence. The reaction on the efflorescence pulls it to the surface and can then be power washed away. Once the surface dries, our sealer can then be applied and the surface will stay efflorescence free.

And…one more! Clay tile roofs are porous and attract dirt, mold, and moss. This means that these roofs must be power washed in order to keep them looking the way a caring homeowner wants their home to look. No More ! Power wash the tiles, apply our roof tile sealer….done.

It is an efflorescence cleaner that is non toxic, odor free and easily applied with a sprayer. Efflorisn't breaks down the efflorescence and brings what ever efflorescence that is already on its way to the surface - to the surface - leaving a 'deep cleaned' surface. The surface is then rinsed free of the debris and Concrete Treat sealer is applied to eliminate any re occurrence of efflorescence reaching the surface.

For more information about our line or products or the company, feel free to call us - 855-906-5851!