• Concrete Treat

    Protects your concrete from water damage and moisture and helps avoid spalling.

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  • Brick Treat

    Seals brick pores to protect against moisture problems including cracks, mold, algae, lichen, and more.

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  • Stucco Treat

    Protects stucco from water damage, discoloring, mold growth, rust or corrosion, cracking and rotting.

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  • Efflorisn't

    Clean efflorescence off concrete and brick surfaces.

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PPK, Inc. Line Of Building Supply Products

At PPK Building Supplies, we are proud to offer a line of industry-changing products that we have spent years developing in order to provide you the best possible product for your project/s. Our building supplies have been tested to prove their ability and they are available to homeowners, contractors, and distributors all across the world!

At PPK, all of our products are made in various sizes to meet the demands of your project: one gallon, five gallons, 55 gallon drums, totes or truckload! Products are also available in Ready-To-Use or CONCENTRATED formulas. (CONCENTRATED formulas will save on shipping costs).

Some building supply products we offer at PPK include:

You can purchase our products online or by phone, so when you're ready to fulfill an order, feel free to contact us at 855-906-5851 during regular business hours, (9 A.M. To 5 P.M. EST). If you have any questions, you can also contact PPK, through our online contact form at anytime, and we promise to respond within 48 hours.

Stay Tuned for More PPK Products

We are currently working on future developments for our line of innovative solutions at PPK, Inc. We will be introducing new products down the line, including a one of a kind roof sealer! This product is not yet available, but stay tuned for the release very soon.

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