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Customer Testimonials:

" "I can treat as soon as concrete is placed. I don't have to make a trip back to seal the job-- that's a winner!"

-- Foreman, Mystic Foundations

"It makes perfect sense. No more wasted time installing and retrieving blankets."

-- Controller, Coyote Concrete

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Our complete product line is available to homeowners, contractors, and distributors worldwide! Purchasing is available online or by phone -- feel free to contact us at (203) 376-9180 during normal business hours, EST. If you have any questions, you can also contact us online anytime, and we'll respond within 48 hours.

Concrete Treat concrete sealer

Concrete Treat

You'll appreciate how easy-to-use our concrete sealer is on both your indoor and outdoor concrete projects. This innovative product can be applied to surfaces year-round, in temperatures as low as 28°F.

Concrete Treat™ may be placed on both cured and newly placed concrete by using a sprayer, roller, brush, or other applicator.

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Brick Treat Brick Sealer

Brick Treat

If you have ugly, white, powdery residue on your brick surfaces, it's likely that your brick has a problem with efflorescence.

Apply Brick Treat™ with a roller, sprayer, brush, or other applicator in temperatures as low as 28°F, and within 2-4 hours, your brick surfaces will be protected for three years or more -- warranted!

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Stucco Treat stucco sealer

Stucco Treat

The single most important thing you can do to ensure long-lasting beauty and value for your stucco surfaces it so protect them from cracking due to moisture penetration.

Like our other sealers, Stucco Treat™ is designed to apply easily, dry quickly, and to preserve the beauty and value of your stucco for many years to come. You'll LOVE this stuff!

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Efflorisn't efflorescence remover logo.


Efflorescence is a white, powdery mineral salt that's found on the surfaces of concrete, brick, and stucco. While it is not a sign of damage, it's a definitely eyesore -- especially when it's on your basement walls and floors.

Efflorisn't™ is a simple, spray-on solution penetrates deep into pores, eliminating both the visible and below-surface efflorescence.

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